Scottsdale – You shouldn’t be surprised if more roads go on a diet – slower traffc

Scottsdale latest city to use ‘Road Diet’ to make streets safer, slow drivers down   SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -“Road diet” is not a traffic term many Arizona drivers are familiar with. “I have no idea what a road diet is,” said motorist Megan Rhodes. Road diets have become increasingly common [...]

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Garret Lewis Talks To Rep Chaplik About Limiting Governor’s Emergency Powers

Representative Joseph Chaplik has a resolution going to the voters in 2024 that would limit the amount of power the Arizona Governor has to keep us in a state of emergency so we won't get locked down like we did during Covid.

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HEADLINE:  FOUNTAIN HILLS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT - BUDGET, CAMPUS CONSOLIDATION, NOVEMBER BALLOT ISSUES WHAT: Summary of major items at the June 7 2023 School Board Meeting   Plans for consolidation of school campuses are ongoing. The Board approved expenditures for perimeter fencing & playground equipment at the new McDowell Mountain [...]

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