Become a Deputy Registrar


What is a Deputy Registrar?

A Deputy Registrar (DR) is an official, certified volunteer of the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office. Deputy registrars help eligible individuals across Maricopa County register to vote and act as reputable source of information for their communities.

First, in order to be eligible to become a Deputy Registrar in Maricopa County, you must be a registered voter in Maricopa County.

Secondly, you must attend the Zoom Deputy Registrar Introduction Class. And Applicants must pass a quiz.

Lastly, applicants must sign and submit an acknowledgment for the code of conduct form. You agree to be nonpartisan when representing the Recorder’s office.

The next scheduled Deputy Registrar Introduction Class is Wednesday, June 14th at 5 pm. You can contact to begin the process.

Zoom link is provided below:

Additional classes may be added, and the registrar’s office will post them on Eventbrite. You can follow Deputy Registrar Induction Classes on their Maricopa County Eventbrite account to look for upcoming training.