This week the Legislative Update is more of a comprehensive compilation of what has been done at the Legislature and at the Veto Queen’s (or Tramp’s) office.

Since there was ONLY action in the Senate on the 23rd this week, and they will be out until June 12th, unless they are called back in again, this update is easy.  Along with a few Hearings, there were 7 Bills moved to the Governor’s desk.  Five Bills from the Senate were vetoed and 2 Senate Bills were signed into Law.  Of the 5 Bills that were vetoed, 4 were Election Integrity Bills.  The previous week the Veto Queen vetoed 3 additional Election Integrity Bills.

The Tramp is working hard at vetoing almost everything that touches her desk!

The Veto Queen now has a total of 117 VETOES!  She signed 162 Bills into Law.  Her pen is now dry with nothing on her desk to destroy, for the time being.

At the request of me, I have also attached to this Update a separate listing of only the Election Integrity Bills that were introduced into the Legislature.  Each Bill will tell you what happened to them.  The Legislature, at least the Republicans, did their job… but, so did the Veto Queen and Representative Cook who did a number on us too!

The breakdown is as follows:


These 8 Bills are:

  1. SB1140          elections; voting centers prohibited
  2. SB1141          early ballot drop off; identification
  3. SB1142          voter registration; events; posting
  4. SB1143          voting registrations; ballot requests; source
  5. SB1144          electronic ballot adjudication; prohibition
  6. SB1311          antihuman trafficking grant fund; appropriation
  7. SB1323          schools; sexually explicit materials; classification
  8. SB1694          public monies; ideology training; prohibition


Governor Hobbs “The Veto Queen” veto list now stands at 117 VETOES!   Hobbs stands at 162 Bills Signed.

The following are the 117 Bills that are vetoed.  The Highligthed ones in YELLOW are Election Integrity Bills.  There are 23 E.I. Bills:

HB2056         dry washed; permit program exemption

HB2094         mobile food vendor; operation; rules

HB2108         unemployment; requirements; disqualifications; shared work

HB2169         child sex doll, exploitation

HB2212         criminal damage; trespassing; critical facilities

HB2254         rulemaking; regulatory costs; legislative ratification

HB2297         fraudulent schemes; artifices; jurisdiction

HB2305         ballots; signature verification; observers

HB2308         secretary of state; election; recusal

HB2309         law enforcement; sovereign authority

HB2312         women’s shelters; male employees; liability

HB2319         elections; rule of construction

HB2322         early ballots; signatures; guidelines; challenges

HB2332         firearms safety; training; schools

HB2377         public officers; lobbying; prohibition

HB2379         hotel; motel; vouchers; homeless; prohibition

HB2394         firearms; sovereign authority

HB2415         active early voting lists; removal

HB2416         electronic applications; government employees; prohibition

HB2427         domestic violence; pregnant victim; sentencing

HB2428         private universities; Arizona teachers academy

HB2437         transmission lines; applications; exceptions

HB2440         electric energy; power companies; priorities

HB2441         standpipe service; continuation; emergency

HB2442         temporary non-expansion area

HB2444         natural resource conservation

HB2469         sovereign authority; border; health crisis

HB2472         social credit; use; prohibition

HB2474         school immunizations; exclusions

HB2477         electoral college; support

HB2502         child support; date of pregnancy

HB2509         food preparation; sale; cottage food

HB2530         substance exposure; pregnant women; neglect

HB2535         private property; wells; regulation; prohibition

HB2539         school choice; failing schools; notice

HB2544         Arizona manufactured; modified firearms

HB2545         public health emergency; sovereignty; limitations

HB2552         voting; elections; tally; prohibition

HB2560         images; voter lists; records; contest

HB2570         SB1523 FOR THIS ONE general appropriations act; 2023-2024

HB2571         SB1524 HERE amusements; 2023-2024

HB2572         SB1525 HERE capital outlay; appropriations act; 2023-2024

HB2573         SB1526 HERE environment; 2023-2024

HB2574         SB1527 HERE health care; 2023-2024

HB2575         SB1528 HERE higher education; 2023-2024

HB2576         SB1529 HERE human resources; 2023-2024

HB2577         SB1530 HERE K-12 education; 2023-2024

HB2578         SB1531 HERE local government; 2023-2024

HB2579         SB1532 HERE state budget implementation; 2023-2024

HB2580         SB1533 HERE state buildings; management; 2023-20246

HB2581         SB1534 HERE taxation; 2023-2024

HB2582         SB1535 HERE transportation; 2023-2024

HB2586         ADOT dynamic message signs

HB2613         voting equipment; requirements; origin

HB2617         carrying of firearms; constables

HB2667         disruption; educational institution; concealed weapon

HB2675         drug cartels; terrorist organizations

HB2691         elections; ballot chain of custody

HB2754         criminal liability; enterprises

HB2757         court of appeals; retention election

HB2759         nonprofits; facilitation; trafficking offences; penalties

SB1001          pronouns; biological sex, school policies

SB1005          unjustified actions; parental rights

SB1009          criminal damage; monuments; memorials; statues

SB1011          municipalities; partisan elections

SB1021          attorney general; legislature; legal challenges

SB1024          public rights-of-way; unlawful acts

SB1025          political signs; tourism zones

SB1027          Carfentanil; fentanyl; threshold amount; minors

SB1048          campaign finance; reporting threshold; lobbyists

SB1063          food; municipal tax; exemption

SB1066          election mailings; third-party disclosures

SB1074          election; contest; technical correction

SB1091          prisoners; transition services; noncontracted entities

SB1096          firearms; contracts; prohibited practices

SB1100          all-terrain vehicles; definition

SB1101          ADOT: authorized third parties; CDLs

SB1105          early ballots; election day tabulation

SB1109          prohibited weapons; muffling device; repeal

SB1135          spoiled early ballots; election day

SB1162          home-based businesses; restrictions; prohibition

SB1166          public employees; postsecondary degree requirements

SB1180          voter registrations; payment prohibited

SB1184          municipal tax exemption; residential leases

SB1234          prohibition; photo radar

SB1236          blockchain technology; tax; fee; prohibition

SB1248          scope of practice; process; repeal

SB1250          employers; vaccines; religious exemption

SB1251          working animals; restrictions; prohibition

SB1252          child fatality review committee; establishment

SB1253          sex offender registration; school notification

SB1255          regulatory costs; rulemaking; ratification

SB1257          water resources; assistant director

SB1262          prohibition; felony violation; rearrest

SB1305          race; ethnicity; prohibited instruction

SB1331          schools; parents; firearm possession

SB1428          political subdivisions; gun shows; preemption

SB1455          office vacancy; discharge of duties

SB1523          FOR HB2570 general appropriations act; 2023-2024

SB1524          FOR HB2571 amusements; 2023-2024

SB1525          FOR HB2572 capital outlay; appropriations; 2023-2024

SB1526          FOR HB2573 environment; 2023-2024

SB1527          FOR HB2574 health care; 2023-2024

SB1528          FOR HB2575 higher education; 2023-2024

SB1529          FOR HB2576 human services; 2023-2024

SB1530          FOR HB2577 K-12 education; 2023-2024

SB1531          FOR HB2578 local government; 2023-2024

SB1532          FOR HB2579 state budget implementation; 2023-2024

SB1533          FOR HB2580 state buildings; management; 2023-2024

SB1534          FOR HB2581 taxation; 2023-2024

SB1535          FOR HB2582 transportation; 2023-2024

SB1565          ballot processing; electronic adjudication; limitation

SB1600          infants; born alive; requirements

The following 162 Bills were signed into Law:

HB2005         foreign captive insurers; definition

HB2006         insurance; liquidity; definition

HB2007         group excess liability insurance

HB2008         ASRS; contribution prepayment

HB2009         ASRS; retirement application; changes

HB2010         banking; licensing; fees; insurer reporting

HB2011         state board of accountancy; continuation

HB2012         real estate appraisers; licensure classifications

HB2015         retirement plans; plan election; rehire

HB2016         food handler certificates; training; exemption

HB2019         licensing; permitting; criteria; clarity

HB2028         PSPRS; contribution rates

HB2029         ASRS; supplemental deferral plan

HB2041         mental health; voluntary evaluations; payment

HB2042         acute care services; pilot program

HB2043         physician assistants; supervision; collaborations

HB2049         bank deposits; technical correction

HB2052         counties; advertising contracts; term; notice

HB2055         probation; work time costs; reporting

HB2062         Gila River Indian Community plates

HB2064           property tax exemption; disability; qualifications

HB2066         banks; financial institutions; personal information

HB2090         emergency and military affairs; continuation

HB2143         rule making review; time frame

HB2166         DHS: licensure; group homes

HB2168         Good Samaritan; medical assistance

HB2169         sexual conduct; minor; classification, sentence

HB2194         drug overdose fatality review teams

HB2197         wills; electronic signatures; requirements

HB2199         cosmetology instructors

HB2208         department of liquor licenses; continuation

HB2213         TPT; exemption; utilities; residential customers

HB2214         session law; font color

HB2215         hazardous waste manifest resubmittals; fees

HB2216         hazardous air pollutants program

HB2223         liquor; licensing; processes; procedures

HB2225          ADOA; alternative routes applicants

HB2228         home solicitation sales

HB2230         appraiser; claims; time limitation

HB2255         funeral practices; transportation protection agreements

HB2288         roundabouts; right-a-way; large vehicles

HB2293         liquor; purchase; identification

HB2298         planned community authority; public roadways

HB2301         homeowners’ associations; political activity

HB2313         child placement; relative search; notice

HB2339         prisoners; medical records; family access

HB2346         outpatient treatment centers; exemption

HB2373          permits; automated permitting platform

HB2375         state land transfer; Bullhead City

HB2381         mobile homes; recreational vehicles; fund

HB2431         workers’ compensation; firefighters; rate deviation

HB2432         technical correction; payment

HB2433         pensions; domestic relations orders

HB2438         board of supervisors; powers; water

HB2439         vehicle emissions inspections; enactment date

HB2443         navigable stream adjudication commission extension

HB2446         smart and safe fund; distribution

HB2456         ASDB; continuation

HB2459         schools; governing board members; employment

HB2473         dental hygienists; scope of practice

HB2478         aggravated assault; law enforcement employees

HB2479         law enforcement merit system; continuation

HB2482         appropriations; crime victim notification fund

HB2484         failure to return vehicle; repeal

HB2485         aggravated assault; ambush; police; classification

HB2489         DUI:  public safety; technical correction

HB2496         transmission lines; definition

HB2498         do-not-call list; text messages

HB2505         outdoor recreation coordinating commission, continuation

HB2506         Arizona state parks board; continuation

HB2507         grain research council; continuation

HB2516         child abuse; investigations; forensic interview

HB2525         barbering; cosmetology; salons; unlicensed employees

HB2534         mortgaged property; tax statements; email

HB2547         zoning ordinances; property rights; costs

HB2550         eyelash technicians; registration

HB2564         hospitals; physicians; dispensing opioids

HB2589         emergency medical technicians; military reciprocity

HB2590         real estate disclosures; water; solar

HB2599         interstate compact; military children; revisions

HB2607         meetings; homeowners’ associations

HB2624         AHCCCS; redeterminations; appropriation

HB2689         reviser’s technical corrections; 2023

HB2717         trauma counseling; 911 dispatchers

HB2810         general appropriations act; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2811         amusements; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2812         capital outlay; appropriations; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2813         commerce; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2814         criminal justice; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2815         environment; 2023-2024. BUDGE

HB2816         health care; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2817         higher education; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2818         human services; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2819         K-12 education; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2820         local government; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2821         secretary of state; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2822         state budget implementation; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2823         state buildings; management; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2824         taxation; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2825         transportation; 2023-2024. BUDGET

HB2826         health boards; AHCCCS; continuation.

SB1007          nuclear emergency management, appropriations; assessments

SB1036          setting aside conviction; certificate eligibility

SB1038          probate advisory panel; establishment

SB1049          homeowners’ associations; Betsy Ross Flag

SB1051          census adjustment; population threshold

SB1052          insurance coverage; biomarker testing

SB1053          veterinary medicine; electronic means

SB1060          animal owners; definition

SB1061          public officials; home addresses; confidentiality

SB1067          study committee; animal control standards

SB1077          jails; mental health; evaluations; treatment

SB1078          podiatric medical assistants; radiation; exemption

SB1097          truck routes; signage

SB1103          administrative review; approvals; developments

SB1110          recorded documents; property; notification

SB1130          deferred payments; prohibition

SB1134          appropriations; names claimants

SB1157          hospitals; discharge planning; patient assessments

SB1168          real estate appraisers; licensure classifications

SB1171          conformity; internal revenue code

SB1172          fire district bonding; limitation

SB1173          public retirement systems; plan election

SB1174          average daily membership; student withdrawals

SB1176          health professionals; address; confidentiality

SB1186          foster care; children; parents; rights

SB1188          regulation; permissible consumer fireworks

SB1190          technical correction; collection agencies

SB1194          state veterinarian; certified rabies vaccinator

SB1197          juvenile offenders; monetary sanctions; repeal

SB1205          foster children; education best interest

SB1206          military veteran spouses; tuition scholarships

SB1208          dropout recovery programs; revisions

SB1211          county attorney; representation; duties

SB1218          naturopathic physicians medical board

SB1226          dental board; business entities; records

SB1230          tax exemptions; affidavit

SB1242          board of tax appeals; continuation

SB1260          small businesses; income tax; rate

SB1270          open meetings; capacity

SB1273          early ballot delivery; instruction requirements

SB1274          computer data centers; TPT; refund

SB1283          dental board; annual report; website

SB1290          inmates; documentation; workforce reentry

SB1294          sex offender registration; online identifiers

SB1299          governor; inauguration expenses; reporting

SB1315          emergence response; students with disabilities

SB1333          database; health professionals; license revocations

SB1340          toll roads; conversion; prohibition

SB1369          certified peace officers; hiring reimbursement

SB1376          technical correction; military affairs

SB1382          pharmacy benefit managers; certificate requirements

SB1473          corrections act of 2023

SB1563          workforce; study committee; report

SB1582          lifetime injunction; petition; procedures

SB1584          small school districts; substitute teachers

SB1601          breast examinations; cancer screenings; age

SB1603          hospital; price transparency

SB1609          transitional housing; DOC; contracts

SB1650          auditor general; duties; access

SB1720          general appropriations act; 2023-2024 (budget)

SB1721          amusements; 2023-2024 (budget)

SB1722          capital outlay; appropriations; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1723          commerce; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1724          criminal justice; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1725          environment; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1726          health care; 2023-2024.      (budget)

SB1727          higher education; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1728          human services; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1729          K-12 education; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1730          local government; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1731          secretary of state; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1732          state budget implementation; 2023-2024 (budget)

SB1733          state buildings; management; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1734          taxation; 2023-2024. (budget)

SB1735          transportation; 2023-2024. (budget)


The RTS (Request to Speak) system is a necessary component to our legislative process.  This is an excellent way to share your positions on a particular Bill and let your legislator know that you support his/her legislation.  Please review this site and make sure you know how to use it properly.  The legislators depend a lot on your opinions and this is where you share them.

The link to sign up for the RTS system can be found here:  https://www.azleg.gov/alispdfs/Using_the_Request_to_Speak_Program.pdf


Once again, as a gentle reminder to all of the people who just joined these updates, this is how to read the attachments.  All the Bills listed on the attachments are mostly ALL the Republican Introduced Bills.

The Bills highlighted in Green are the GOP Bills I monitor on a daily basis.  The Bills highlighted in Gray, are ones introduced by LD2 legislators, Senator Kaiser and Representative Wilmeth.

And, the Bills highlighted with yellow in the status and date columns, are noted for your review to see their progression in the legislative process.  All Bills are up to date through 5/26/23.

And yes, I did remove most all the Bills highlighted in Blue that were Democrat sponsored.  If the Bills were not moving out of Committee like the Republican sponsored Bills, they have been removed from the monitoring cycle.

Remember, each Bill Number listed is a link to the Bill itself and you can access the status, documents and Agenda’s by clicking onto the link.  Even though I monitor and keep track of the Bills daily, I only send out Updates on the weekends.  So, if you want daily updates on any Bill, just click onto the Bill Number, and go to Overview or Status, for real-time information.  Don’t forget, there is an attachment with the Abbreviations used in the legislature to make your reading easier to understand.

As always, if there are Bills that I am not specifically monitoring, PLEASE let me know and I will add them to my list for you.


Linda Brickman,

Chairman of Legislative Affairs for MCRC and Chairman of LD2 Legislative Affairs,

Email:  Luvbug1611@cox.net

Cell:  602-330-9422


Days of Session: 139

Bills Posted: 1671

Bills Transmitted to the Governor: 279

Bills Vetoed: 117

Bills Signed: 162

Resolutions Posted: 109

Resolutions Sent to the SOS: 26, plus those listed earlier

  1. HCM2002    federal lands housing shortage
  2. HCM2003    critical minerals; copper; urging the president
  3. HCM2004    urging Congress; national forest health
  4. HCM2007    state immigration enforcement; urging Congress
  5. HCR2001     school district expenditures; authorizations
  6. HCR2027     Russell Pearce; death resolution
  7. HCR2033     primary elections; eligible candidates
  8. HCR2037     Assyrian New Year; recognizing
  9. HCR2044     Assyrian Genocide; recognition
  10. HCR2045     Jack Jackson, Sr.; death resolution
  11. HCR2047     twentieth anniversary; death; Lori Piestewa
  12. HCR2048     Joe Hart; death resolution
  13. HR2002        securing America’s lands; foreign interference
  14. HR2003        Liz Harris; expulsion
  15. SCR1006     death benefit; assault; first responders
  16. SCR1020     James Henderson; death resolution
  17. SR1004        Mel Hannah; death resolution
  18. SCR1037     presidential electors; constitutional appointments

(NOW; elections; systems; equipment)

  1. SCR1039     Ted Williams; death resolution
  2. SCR1021     United States; Taiwan; trade resolution


2023 Abbreviations 2 (003) (002)



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